Dear West Chula Vista Residents:

I kept my promise to serve West Chula Vista residents by ensuring that we have safe, reliable and reasonably priced water for our families, businesses and our future.

My voting record is clear-since January 2012, I have voted against two water rate increases. The increases I have voted for since 2012 helped protect the agency against future lawsuits over our rate structures. On May 11, 2016--I voted against any increases impacting working families for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

I voted to refinance our long-term bond debt --our debt service payment was reduced by $900,000 per year. I voted for a temporary hiring freeze and an all agency review. This review is a department-by-department assessment that is going to be used to make decisions about how we operate and how we provide better services to all of our ratepayers.

I led efforts to adopt a strategic plan to manage the Sweetwater Authority with established objectives and measures that help everyone be more accountable to our ratepayers. We are making progress to adopt this new culture of accountability and planned outcomes.

I support competitive bidding so that we may get the best price and the best product. I am vigilant in how we use the water fees that you pay.

My record shows that I serve you with openness, fairness, and honesty.

Signed Jose Preciado

Jose Preciado, President and Member
South Bay Irrigation District
Division # 3

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